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In light of recent events it is vital you know how we are going above and beyond to control the spread of Covid -19 within our nursery.

As a nursery we have created bubbles for the children to be in, along with set areas to play in the garden and times, so ensure the bubbles stay separate. We clean all equipment after use and we do a weekly fogging session in the nursery, so ensure we have the highest levels of cleanliness and virus protection for our families and practitioners.

we have a comprehensive risk assessment in place, detailing social distancing of staff, masks for parents and visitors on site to PPE and hygiene.


Cleanliness and safety is vital within the nursery. We take this aspect extremely seriously, which is why we have invested £1000's for a device and safe to use chemical that kills viruses and bacteria. We use a technique called fogging and do this weekly within the nursery. Fogging provided a layer across the nursery surfaces and floors that kill bacteria and viruses on touch. This ultimately means that within seconds of an object being touched by someone with a virus or bacteria it is destroyed and safe for another person to touch. Bringing peace of mind to our parents and staff that the nursery is doing all it can during Covid-19 and beyond. This is now part of our long term cleaning processes. 


Bacoban is a powerful, state-of-the-art ready-for-use water based disinfector and cleaner providing long term effective protection against bacteria, viruses and fungi, employing true Nanotechnology manufacture. Once this surface protector has been applied to an area all existing bacteria and viruses are destroyed within 5 minutes, this initial application also leaves a protective coating on the surface which lasts for up to 10 days, continually destroying all viruses and bacteria.


Bacoban establishes an ultra-thin nano layer with a lasting effect. The technology used is a sol-gel process that develops a solid gel nano layer. The biocides used to kill germs and viruses are embedded in the porous like structure of the sponge like sol-gel and are washed out again when coming into contact with water (bacteria, enveloped viruses and fungi are always surrounded by water).



• Cleaning and disinfection in accordance with 93/42/EEC

• Protection tested ASTM E 2180

• Kills bacteria in 5 mins (EN 1040, EN 1276)

• Kills fungus in 5 mins (EN 1275)

• Kills viruses in 5 mins (Test Reports available)


• Conforms to and excees AMS 1550B

• Conforms to and excees AMS 1451B

• Conforms to and excees AMS 1452B

• Biocompatibility according to DIN ISO EN 10993-1

• EN1040, EN1275, EN1276

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