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Health, Extra Curricula and Outdoors 


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Jumping Beans
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Outdoor play

We believe that every child should have a balanced life style that incorporates the outdoor learning opportunities into the nursery’s curriculum.

On a daily basis your child can expect to play in our specially designed garden to enhance their learning and creativity. Each day we set up the garden with a variety of activities that will help children to experiment, stimulate, investigate and build relationships with friends.

Our garden has recently been designed to incorporate more role play into the garden. We have seen a positive change in the behaviours when playing outside, which has resulted in more structure and imagination, as well as relationships and playing together more.

Not only does the garden provide an area where children can run around and exercise, but also helps prevent illnesses such as coughs and colds. This is because these types of viruses are airborne and by being in an open environment it can help eliminate them.

Please take a look at the gallery page for photos of our garden area.

Woodland Adventures

All of our children experience going to fishponds and taking part in our woodland adventures. The children will take part in art and crafts, physical play and exploring nature. The children also joined up with the 'friends of fishponds' for a special event where they made bird feeders, and helped to keep fishponds clean and tidy.

Extra Curricular

We also have a strong belief in being in the community, so children will have the opportunities to go to the library and borrow books, take part in physical classes such as tennis and Zumba.


At Aspire we offer an extensive menu for our children, and for children weaning, we form a plan based on their individual needs, looking at what they have tried at home. The children will receive a balanced diet, and a wide variety of meals that are inspired by different cultures around the world. We believe in added nutrients that cater for all diets in our meals. In each meal you will find that the children have had anything from chia seeds to sunflower seeds, mixed lentils to Quinoa, spinach and kale, mixed beans and many other pulses such as chickpeas.

We also use whole foods such as whole wheat pasta and brown rice.

Our menu is on a three week rotation, has no added salt or sugar.

Below you can find a copy of our menus.

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